Science and Transparency

We’ve devoted a lot of energy to sorting through the science of how your body absorbs supplements. Many plant extracts aren’t very water soluble and have a hard time getting absorbed as they travel through your intestine. So we’ve tracked down the highest-quality ingredients that are encapsulated inside sunflower lecithin (a kind of fat). These are from our European suppliers, and encapsulating the supplement in a liposomal-like structure helps you to absorb up to 30 times more of each supplement. These are a lot more expensive than the materials used in most supplements you see on the shelf at your grocery store, but we formulated our supplements to be absorbed in your body so you can get the most from each little capsule.

The Scientist Driven by Love - Matt Crane

Founders Lauren & Matt Crane met while he was doing his PhD, and as they fell in love he started helping Lauren navigate the healthcare system and deal with her endometriosis. After decades of taking painkillers, Lauren needed something different. Matt set off to create a solution gentle on for her stomach, and powerful enough for her period pain.