Are you regulated by the FDA? 

All Semaine supplements are regulated by the FDA but not approved by it, just like any supplement on the market. Our pills are manufactured in an FDA-regulated facility and we rigorously test not only the initial supplements we receive from suppliers, but the final pills as well.


Have you run any clinical trials?

We're committed to clinical trials and believe in raising the bar for supplements by rigorously studying them. Read more about the results of our clinical trials here: https://www.semainehealth.com/pages/clinical-trials 


Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes they are! We wanted to make sure that our products fit into your lifestyle whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just plant-curious. Everything from our capsules to the ingredients is carefully sourced to ensure it fits into a vegan lifestyle.


What’s special about your ingredients?

We’ve devoted a lot of energy to sorting through the science of how your body absorbs supplements. Many plant extracts aren’t very water soluble and have a hard time getting absorbed as they travel through your intestine. So we’ve tracked down the highest-quality ingredients that are encapsulated inside sunflower lecithin (a kind of fat). These are from our European suppliers, and encapsulating the supplement in a liposomal-like structure helps you to absorb up to 30 times more of each supplement. These are a lot more expensive than the materials used in most supplements you see on the shelf at your grocery store, but we formulated our supplements to be absorbed in your body so you can get the most from each little capsule.


Who are your suppliers?

Sourcing the best ingredients for Semaine was our most important mission when we started our formulation. We wanted the highest-quality supplements that can be absorbed by your body, so we tracked down the best versions from around the world. Our ingredients are sourced from Italy, the U.S., and India. Details on all our suppliers can be found on our ingredients page.


Do your products expire?

The capsules are good for two years from the manufacturing date marked on the bottom of the jars. Even after two years, they don't go bad right away, they just slowly loose their efficacy.