• PMS & Period Support - Wholesale Product Info

    The name says it all: PMS & Period Support. Doctor-formulated and clinically studied to alleviate menstrual symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, and cramps. Take as needed for rapid relief.

    **Available in packs or jars.


    Bye, Bloating & PMS

    Perfect for real humans with mood swings, bloating, bad cramps and PMS. Take it just when you need to. Before your period for mood swings, or during your period for bloating and cramps.

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To ensure the highest quality materials are used, we partner only with suppliers with transparent supply chains. Our especially rigorous testing program tests raw materials multiple times (to test for things like heavy metals, pesticides and gluten).

See a full list of all our ingredients here.

How To Take It

1. Start when you feel your first PMS Symptom

Take 2 pills the moment you feel your first cramp, feel your moody dip, or start feeling bloated. Based on the severity of your symptoms take up to 4 doses a day. The earlier you can get on top of your symptoms (especially inflammation which plays a part in mood, pain levels and bloating), the better the results. Can be taken with or without food.

2. Continue as your period starts

Take 2 pills up to 4 times a day during your period. Listen to your body, and take as and when you need it throughout the day. For instance: take 2 pills first thing in the morning, at lunch, at dinner and then before bed if you have more severe symptoms. Less severe symptoms, you can take one dose in the morning and one at night.

3. Stop when your period is done

Toward the end of your period, you can taper off the number of doses you take each day or just stop taking PMS & Period Support once you are no longer bleeding. Happy end of your period! You made it!