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    Clinically shown to relieve 14 measures of menopause within 4 weeks, including hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. Improves hair thickness, and increases energy within 8 weeks.

    Bye, Hot Flashes!

    It’s time to take back your hormonal health. Perfect for real humans who are transitioning into their next hormonal milestone or who are already in the midst of menopause.

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To ensure the highest quality materials are used, we partner only with suppliers with transparent supply chains. Our especially rigorous testing program tests raw materials multiple times (to test for things like heavy metals, pesticides and gluten).

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How To Take It

1. Take 1 pill daily

Consistently is key for the results you want and only requires 1 small pill daily, with or without food.

2. Continue for at least 3 months.

Everyone experiences perimenopause/menopause symptoms differently, but our trail participants all noticed the biggest results(lower cholesterol and weight loss) after 3 months.