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    3-in-1 Pre+Probiotic with ginger extract for digestion, nausea, bloating, and intestinal relief.* Proven probiotic strains for vaginal health, and a prebiotic blend to nurture your gut and intestines.

    **Available in packs or jars.

    The Road To A Happy Gut

    The key to a healthy gut (and happier hormones) is a prebiotic, probiotic, and ginger—all found in our Pre+Probiotic for Women.

  • Supports Microbiome

  • Soothes Intestines

  • Reduces Bloating

  • Supports Immunity

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To ensure the highest quality materials are used, we partner only with suppliers with transparent supply chains. Our especially rigorous testing program tests raw materials multiple times (to test for things like heavy metals, pesticides and gluten).

See a full list of all our ingredients here.

How To Take It

1. Take two pills daily

If you're new to probiotics, we recommend starting with 1 pill a day for the first week. That gives your intestines time to acclimate to the new good bacteria and fiber being introduced.

2. Take with water

The fiber in our Pre + Probiotic is the perfect combination of psyllium husk and acacia to get your bowels moving at the right tempo (not too fast or slow) and is great food for your new good bacteria being introduced with the probiotic strains. However, fiber needs a helping hand: make sure you are drinking at least 6 oz of water with your daily dose of Pre + Pro.

3. Take with or without food

You can feel the benefits of the ginger, fiber and probiotics any time of the day, but taking your Pre + Probiotic before breakfast can help gently "wake up" your digestive system. Skip the lemon water and just take your 2 pills pre breakfast.